Melanie Harper (previously Melanie Parent) attended the Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, CT for high school.  Their rigorous equestrian program brought out her talent.  She competed on their Interscholastic Equestrian Team, receiving third at Regionals qualifying for Nationals and second at Nationals.  During this time, she had her pony, Limerick, that she competed all over New England in Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation very successfully. 

After graduating from Walker's,  she went on to continue her education and riding at the University of Vermont located in Burlington, VT.  She joined the UVM Intercollegiate Dressage Team where she qualified for Regionals twice and attended Nationals once, placing fourth in the Lower Training Level Division. Over the years, she gained a lot of knowledge and brought the Dressage Team many victories. Melanie graduated from UVM with her BS in Animal Science. 

After college, Melanie started working as a Breeding Program Specialist for Genex in Watertown, NY.  She dived in head first learning about Cows, Importance of Genetics, Breeding, and the Dairy Industry.  This sparked the idea of breeding her own horse, Waikiki, in 2013. She decided to pair this mare with the stallion Navarone and created the first foal born at MP Sporthorses, Jameson MP. Since then MP Sporthorses has continued to grow into a successful breeding and training facility that currently stands in front of you.

Melanie has competed numerous horses over the last 20 years, to name a few Mochaccino, Sunshine Hill, Limerick, JMK Zippaskippee, and Playa Baya. They have all taught her to be a better rider and what it takes to be a great partner. She has had many successes at all different levels, however she has decided her true passion lies in breeding and training. MP Sporthorses has been an am‚Äčazing journey! She hopes to provide you all with many more amazing horses in the future.

What makes MP Sporthorses different from the other equine breeders in North America?  Most of the breeders here focus on producing top quality offspring with an impressive sport record similiar to our horses. However, the difference is the breeders want to sell their offspring as foals or before they are started under saddle. MP Sporthorses believes that it is important to provide a solid education starting from day one when the foal hits the ground. We continue this until they have at least six months under saddle and are ready to move onto their competition home where they will continue to excel with their new teammate.